New Web Site - Satellite Coverage Maps

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New Web Site - Satellite Coverage Maps

Post by ttalex » Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:54 am

Dear all,

I have just started the new website -
The site allows to view the Satellite Coverage maps for most of the satellites all over the globe in Google Maps format.
At the same time it is possible to place markers on the map stating which frequencies/channels one can receive at the specific location and view what others can receive from the selected satellite in different places of the world.

I have just started this project and I am very interested to receive your feedback - feel free to read the FAQ section and post your questions there. If you discover some bugs and inconsistencies - please do not hesitate to contact me directly (there is a "contact" link at the bottom).

If you find the site helpful and would like to support it I would really appreciate if you could place your own markers on the map stating the frequencies that you can get at you location (and especially the most difficult ones that may appear beyond the official coverage zone). :)

Best regards,

Kathrein UFS 910, Humax 5300,
Triax TD110 + ChannelMaster 120,

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